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Eco Expo Asia International Trade Fair on Environmental Protection

every October, AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong 

Following its success in 2008, Eco Expo Asia, Hong Kong’s only trade fair that is dedicated to products, services and solutions for environmental protection returns with a new co-organiser, the Hong Kong Environment Bureau. Last year’s event attracted over 6,000 visitors from around the world, an increase of 20% as compared with 2007. The fourth edition of Eco Expo Asia fair runs every October at AsiaWorld-Expo, with strong support from both local and international government associations emphasizing the need for a professional environmental protection business platform in the South China region.

With Hong Kong’s great advantage in being in close proximity to the Chinese mainland, a growing number of companies in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region are looking to Hong Kong as a platform to obtain service support including green technology and services. The two areas have reached a consensus on jointly transforming the PRD region into a green and quality living area under the principle of promoting environmental protection and sustainable development.

The Hong Kong Environment Bureau plans to work closely with PRD region government authorities to reduce emissions, develop wider use of renewable energies, enhance conservation and greening as well as increase publicity and education. They will also further promote environmental technology transfer by inviting the Chinese mainland government to form provincial and city pavilions at Eco Expo Asia every October.

What’s more, the Chinese Central government has recently announced a US$500 billion (RMB 4 trillion) stimulus package to boost domestic consumption and growth amid the challenging global economic situation. Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Minister in China has also pledged to raise another US$140 billion (RMB 1 trillion) over the next three years, dedicated solely to support renewable energy and pollution treatment within the region, making Chinese mainland one of the key markets for the environmental protection industry for both commercial and consumer perspectives.

Each trade cnnvention highlights four major sectors of the environmental protection industry

Eco Expo Asia will continue to be divided into four zones that will allow both exhibitors and visitors to better focus on what they are looking for. The highlights are:

  • Air Quality – features products and services like air pollution & gas emission control; air purification, filtration and deodorisation technology and equipment; desulphurisation and dust control technology and equipment; and gas, smoke & chemical monitoring and treatment equipment
  • Energy Efficiency & Energy  – focuses on energy efficient applications; and energy saving devices and products
  • Waste & Recycling – showcases technology treatment, incineration & recycling systems of different kinds of waste and transport, collection & sorting of waste
  • Eco-friendly Product – exhibits biodegradable and recycled products and packaging; eco-friendly materials for construction and fitting; and green decorative materials

In addition, the Eco Asia Conference will once again run concurrently at each October fair. The conference will also focus on these four major highlights, further augmenting the importance of these four categories.  Organised by HKTDC and Messe Frankfurt, both events will be held every October.  For more information, please visit or email or


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